• Mash Ups 3.0: The “I Wish” Series

      As Muema & Lorie’s on-going Mashup multi-media series has been since its inception, the new I Wish series continues to combine disciplines of photography and painting as well as explore the intersections between documentation of an actual subject and the extension of the imagery into the fantastic. The I Wish series extends this fantasy …

  • Mash Ups 2.0

      The second installment of our Mash Up series.

  • Mash Ups 1.0

      The first installment of our Mash Up series.

  • PHOTOS: Mash Ups 1.5 Art Opening – Muema And Lorie

      Lorie in front of the latest Mash Ups of DJ Eman (left) and DJ jojoflore (right). Stellar turnout for the Muema and Lorie Mash Ups 1.5 show. Thanks for your support! .